In a thrilling display of athleticism and community spirit, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (BKK) recently hosted both bicycle racing and Enganda football tournaments in Kiryandongo district. The event, organized in collaboration with MTN Uganda, brought together sports enthusiasts and clans from across the region.

Bicycle Racing Heats Up the Track

The day kicked off with a high-octane bicycle racing competition that had fans on the edge of their seats. The racers, both men and women, battled it out for glory and cash prizes. Mr. Brian Young emerged victorious in the men’s category, taking home an impressive prize of shs500,000. Right on his heels was Mr. Rogers Alinaitwe, securing the second position with shs400,000. The third, fourth, and fifth place finishers received shs300,000, shs200,000, and shs100,000, respectively.

Participant at the Inter County (Amasaza) Bicycle racing competitions in Kiryandongo district

In the women’s category, it was Ms. Teddy Nyangendo who claimed the top spot, earning herself shs400,000. Ms. Florence Nyangoma secured second place with shs300,000, while the third, fourth, and fifth place finishers walked away with shs200,000, shs100,000, and shs50,000, respectively.

The ten winners, comprising five men and five women, will now prepare for the finals scheduled for October 27th in Hoima city. The ultimate winner of the finals will be rewarded with a hefty shs2,000,000.

Enganda Football Tournament Electrifies the Field

The excitement didn’t stop with the bicycle races. The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom also hosted the Inter Clan (Enganda) football tournament, creating a buzz of anticipation amongst football enthusiasts. The matches were held at the Bweyale Public Primary School playground, where Owek Andrew Byakutaga Ateenyi, the Bunyoro Prime Minister, ceremoniously kicked off the event.

Five clans from Kiryandongo district participated in the Enganda football matches, competing fiercely in a knockout format. Here are the results:

  1. Dubiito Clan vs. Abamaragoli Clan
    1. Score: Dubiito Clan 2 – 1 Abamaragoli Clan
  2. Budwongo Clan vs. Bapenyule Clan
    1. Score: Budwongo Clan 3 – 2 Bapenyule Clan

The Enganda football tournament promises to be an exhilarating showcase of talent, fostering friendly competition among the clans. The event also serves as a platform for clans to mobilize and work together for various development initiatives.

Community, Sports, and Development Hand in Hand

These sports events not only provide entertainment for the community but also stimulate local businesses. The influx of spectators and participants has created a thriving market for goods and services in Kiryandongo district.

MTN Uganda Ltd. continues to be a staunch supporter of these sports tournaments, recognizing their significance in nurturing local talents, promoting competition, and fostering community development.

As the tournament progresses, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom remains committed to strengthening inter-clan relationships through the ‘Enganda Tournaments.’ With upcoming matches across different districts, the anticipation is building, promising even more action and excitement in the weeks to come.

In the spirit of unity and sportsmanship, these events exemplify how sports can bring communities together and provide opportunities for personal and communal growth. Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and MTN Uganda look forward to continuing this tradition of celebrating sports and culture in the region.

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