Alien Skin Brands MC Kats ‘Oyo Daawa’ As He Reveals Mic Hungry Presenter Begged Him For 3 Weeks To Appear On TV Show

Trending singer Patrick Mulwana, better known as Alien Skin, has made it known that MC Kats and the entire After 5 crew pleaded for close to three weeks to host him on set for an interview.

The “Sitya Danger” singer made the braggart statements as he responded to a question that was sent his way concerning whether his nemesis MC Kats contributed to his rise to fame.

In his reply, Alien Skin trashed the claims of having been given a hand by MC Kats in his rise to stardom and that is when he stated how they had to chase him down for over 3 weeks to earn a TV interview with him.

Alien Skin and MC Kats are at loggerheads following a disagreement that arose from a scholarship that was awarded to Champion Ogudo by Kampala Parents School.

Both parties failed to come to terms and thus went into a verbal exchange on a live TikTok broadcast, and since then, whenever the two meet, there has to be raucous.

The recent meltdown that transpired at Hotel Africana where MC Kats was embarrassingly bounced off the stage at singer Geosteady’s concert, is said to have been sparked off by the fact that MC Kats didn’t want Alien Skin to perform.

When Alien Skin learned of MC Kats’ move where he had even stopped the deejay from playing Alien Skin’s music, one of Alien Skin’s bodyguards hit the stage, grabbed the microphone from him, and forcefully sent him off the stage in a humiliating manner.

Following the violent incident, MC Kats rushed to Jinja Road Police Station to file a case of Assault and cyber harassment accusing Alien Skin and his gang of mistreating him.