Cindy’s Hubby Prynce Atiku Accused Of Wanting Too Much ‘Butaala’ After Him Claiming He Helped Recover Sheebah’s Stolen iPhone

Sheebah Karungi’s dancer Rita Nasaazi a.k.a Ritah Dancehall claims Cindy Sanyu’s husband is chasing clout by claiming to have helped in tracing Sheebah’s iPhone when it was stolen in Arua over the weekend.

On Friday, during her performance at the Arua City Carnival, Sheebah’s phone was snatched from her content creator while recording videos of her on stage.

The phone was later traced and retrieved on Saturday evening after several attempts by police and locals in Arua.

Cindy Sanyu’s husband Prynce Joel Atiku Okuyo revealed the good news to Galaxy and revealed how the phone had been returned to Sheebah’s manager identified as Jesse.

Okuyo then thanked the locals in Arua who, with his help, managed to trace the phone and retrieve it without causing so much havoc.

Sheebah’s dancer Ritah Dancehall, however, claims that Okuyo had no hand in the retrieval and asks him to stop claiming the credit for helping Sheebah.

Via a video, Ritah noted how Okuyo was only seen after the phone had been retrieved by police and the locals and he then started claiming to have been a key figure in the process.

She believes Okuyo is only chasing for clout. “Why would you take someone’s flowers without working for them?” Ritah questioned in the video.

She maintains that it was Sheebah’s team and a few locals that helped to retrieve the phone and they even had to part with over Shs1m in the process. Take a gaze at the video below: