Bruno K Advised To Tame His Whopper & Take A Break From Women After Accusations Of Him Planting Unwanted Seeds & Taking Off Like Usain Bolt

Different people have taken down to his social media and genuinely advised singer Bruno K over women.

Most Netizens have told him to take a break from women and relationships as a whole because it is totally tarnishing his name.

Bruno K has been involved in different scandals related to women. All these ladies have come out to complain after Bruno K getting them pregnant.

Few months ago it was about Vanessa who has a three year old son of Bruno K. At first the singer had denied the baby saying it is not his.

It was until the DNA was carried out and confirmed that it is truly his child. He has since since embraced the baby boy, Seith.

Now, another lady he has been dating for over a year has also come out to complain about him getting her pregnant and taking off.

As a musician, it really tarnishes someone’s brand although Bruno K doesn’t look at it in that way.

Music critic and media personality, Ibrah K Mukasa has advised Bruno K to take a break from relationships and women all at once or else his life will be ruined for no reason.