New Leaked Audio of Spice Diana & Her Manager Roger Exchanging Sweet Nothings Excites Netizens

A WhatsApp audio reportedly of Singer Spice Diana and her manager Roger Lubega exchanging sweet nothings in a lovey-dovey mood has gotten Netizens excited about the low-key hiding couple.

In an audio posted on Instagram, Roger is heard expressing how much he misses Spice while referring to her as “his panadol.”

He goes on to tell her how bored he is and asks her not to take too long to return home to which the songstress replies, “I’m coming, my baby. Don’t worry, I’m here.”

The source of the audio leak is yet to be established but critics are very convinced it is Roger and Spice Diana in the audio.

Both parties have denied any romantic relationship in the past and maintained that they are only friends and workmates who respect each other and uphold professional values between them.

Listen to Audio below;