Kampala goons arrested for protesting Bishop Ssebagala’s role in Luwero

Four people from Kampala have been arrested in Luwero for protesting and disrupting a church service at Katikamu Church of Uganda.

At the time of the protest yesterday, the caretaker bishop of Luwero Diocese, Rt. Rev. James William Ssebaggala, was leading a confirmation service.

A look at the list of suspects indicates that the suspects are all residents of Kampala.

The suspects are:

Droma Joel, 29, a watchman and a resident of Kalelwe market village, Kawempe Division in Kampala District; Bakaki Ronnie, 23, a casual worker and a resident of Mambule zone in Kawempe Division in Kampala District; Mugambe Moses, 21, a taxi driver and a resident of Ssekanusu village, Wobulenzi town council in the Luwero District; and Twesigye Owen, 25, a casual worker and a resident of Kalelwe market village, Kawempe Division in Kampala District

Regional Police Spokesperson Sam Twiineamaziima confirmed the arrest.

He said that a case of criminal trespass and malicious damage had been registered against the suspects.

By press time, the suspects were being detained at Wobulenzi Police Station.

Ssebaggala’s appointment came after the outgoing bishop, Rt .Rev Eridard Nsubuga Kironde abdicated and handed over Ecclesiastical authority to Archbishop upon retirement, per the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Uganda.

Early April, Rev. Canon Godfrey Kasana was elected to replace Kironde.

However, the House of Bishops, later nullified Kasana’s election, and ordered fresh nominations from the Diocesan Nominations Committee within a period of one month. The process is yet to be concluded.