Bebe Cool’s New Single Question Impresses Online Fans As Gagamel Boss Warms Up For Planned Battle With Chamili

If there is one musician who has been overly consistent with his music career among the big 3 ,then self styled Gagamel chief Big Size Bebe Cool comes on top of that list.

At the time when Bobi Wine is fully taken up with politics while Chameleon concentrates on restoring his worrying health, Bebe Cool has been releasing music year in year out.

The passion and hard work he has invested in the last 4 years has been commendable especially for a person who has already achieved what has in music.

And now as we gear up for the much talked about battle with Chameleon, Bebe Cool has already released a massive single titled ‘questions’.

Bebe Cool timely release could probably a tactic to hype up his fanbase prior to the days leading up to the battle.

Listen to the single below;