Hello Mr. Right, an Uganda version of a dating TV show will premiere on Makula KiKa television on Sunday 22nd October 2023 at 8 PM.

Featuring over 60 participants, the Hello Mr. Right show is about expression, confidence, fans, and the adventure of finding a date in an ideal situation which the Uganda audience can identify with. The format of the show is each episode features 12 beauties on the podium and 3 different hunks will present themselves and convince the ladies to choose them as their potential date. The guy must present himself well to win the heart(s) of the beauties on stage, short of that; all the 12 beauties may flag him red. At the same stage, the beauties who have shown interest in the guy must be his type otherwise the guy has the liberty to turn down all the ladies.

Hello, Mr. Right is hosted by Zahara Totto and Mr. Henrie, the broadcast is powered by Global Star an international renown TV and home appliance brand. From different episodes 16 (Sixteen) successful couples worked away with a brand new Global Star TV 32-inch screen. This screen is enhanced with StarTimes Inside technology that allows the user to watch all StarTimes channels without connecting any external decoder box. The TV set connects both the antenna and satellite signal source.  

Makula KiKa collaborated with Swangz Avenue to produce the show. “We are proud to work with Swangz on this project, this will give our viewers a captivating show not only the storyline but also the production quality”, said Lule Isma, Brand and Marketing Director at StarTimes.

“Dating is one of the most popular topics in the world, we are excited to give Ugandans a platform to express their dating skills. Hello Mr. Right is one of the many initiatives that affirms StarTimes’ commitment to promoting and supporting local content and production”, said Stefan Wang, Project and Marketing Director StarTimes.