The first Bell Lager ObaFest – which happened at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo yesterday – was a fitting celebration of East African culture, music, and food – with exceptional experiences delivered by several brands under the Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) rich portfolio of products.

As soon as one walked in, they were treated to a rich cultural experience by Pilsner Lager – where guests were invited to play traditional instruments that took them back to their high school Music Dance and Drama (MDD) days and demonstrated why the brand is the biggest supporter of cultural expression in Uganda.

Further into the large venue was a Johnnie Walker area which gave lovers of whiskey a chance to enjoy a variety of bold and vibrant flavours in cocktails made by the brand’s world-class team of mixologists.
For those looking for an exciting taste experience, Tusker Cider’s tent was perfectly located under a large tree whose canopy provided a beautiful shade and a cool breeze to those seeking shelter from the afternoon’s heat and looking to enjoy games like free throw basketball.

The Guinness space was specifically tailored to the lovers of football with a goal set up for guests to take penalty shots and live football matches on display on giant screens.

The biggest experience, however, was the Bell Lager tent – where guests indulged in the ultimate Mpola Enjoyments – complete with group games like Ludo, Matatu, Jenga, and more.

Several food and meat vendors like Roger’s Bites and Meat Guy were present around the event space serving all manner of dishes.

Grace Amme, the Bell Lager brand manager, said, “The first-ever ObaFest was a successful demonstration of our pride in our East African culture – our fashion, food, music, and our deep sense of togetherness as a people, and as a brand, we look forward to making next year’s edition even more exciting and engaging for our consumers.”