Kagwirawo Pays 51 Million To Lucky Bettor Who Used Just 1800 To Win Life Changing Bet

Kagwirawo Sports Betting has over the years made a name for paying it’s customers on time.

The name Kagwirawo is a luganda word that literally means, ‘something that is Instant & in this case Instant payments’.

Over the last two weeks, Kagwirawo has paid out just over a half a billion to thousands of bettors who placed bets between the 18th & 28th of October.

The biggest winner in that period was a one Otim Brain, a resident of Kasangati who won 51 Million after staking 1800 on a 25 game receipt.

For all the 25 games, this smart and lucky punter decided to go for mixed markets that saw him accumulate a whopping odd of 28,594.

You too can bet by logging onto; https://www.kagwirawo.co.ug/