Budding female star Nandor Love has released a new song and so far so good.

The song, titled ‘Nyama Choma’ has been dropped on all her streaming platforms and yes indeed, music lovers are gushing over it!

Nandor Love, who joined the industry about three years ago so far this year has two jams, ‘Gukuba’ Ft Vyroota and Inside Ft Pinky, which have had a fair share of success. And now with Nyama Choma, a love song produced by multi-Zzina Awards Beatmaker of The Year winner, Artin, Nandor hopes to finish 2023 on a high!

According to the singer who is signed under Redzone Government, she writes her own music and believes that with her passion and the talent that she has, she will be one of the biggest female artists on the continent in a few years to come.

Listen to ‘Nyama Choma’ here: