Reports have it that Carol Nantongo and Lydia Jazmine have been feeding the most decorated UG artist of all times, Edrisa Musuuza, aka Eddy Kenzo’s reptile.

The reports were somewhat confirmed by Rema’s sis, DJ Vee over the weekend, who took to her social media pages and burst the bubble. DJ Vee alleged that Lydia Jazmine was the brain behind the Rema/ Kenzo breakup!

Taking no prisoners, Vee also revealed that Jazmine teamed up with Carol Nantongo, who apparently doesn’t only want to be like Mukyala doctor, but also hates her!

Sources suggest that Eddy Kenzo has been playing both singers without their knowledge, baiting them with lovely gifts, money and ‘Omugo Gwa Musa’ at the Fedelesoni. Interestingly, it is alleged that Carol is also Chris Banina’s daily snack… and when DJ Vee dropped the bomb shell, Banina lost his cool and told Carol to cut off both Kenzo and Jazmine!

Well, the former Golden Band songstress is doing just that, starting with blocking Jazmine on all her social media pages.

It is not clear how the love triangle will affect their music careers and their relationship with their fans.

Kenzo was always non-committal on their relationship status during media interviews. He has also been said to have dated the singer Lydia Jazmine but both have denied the rumours, saying they are just friends.