The recently concluded Uganda Waragi-sponsored 8th edition of Nyege Nyege wholesomely delivered a cultural, artistic, and musical experience at the source of Nile last weekend, as intended.

The festival remained true to its cultural roots with traditional performances and an entire stage dedicated to culture.

Among the 5 stages spread out across the 3 conjoined venues; the main stage, the Hakuna Kulala stage, the Smirnoff Fiesta stage, the Uganda Waragi stage, and the Busoga stage, revelers were immersed in unique experiences brought to life through unique artistic expressions that set each stage apart.

A magnificent array of arts and crafts leading to the Smirnoff Fiesta and Hakuna Kulala stages caught revelers’ attention as most stopped for a souvenir or two during the 4-day festival.

International and local artists delivered memorable performances, not forgetting popular DJs; Bugy, Alza, Slick Stuart, Kii, and more who were a staple at the Smirnoff Fiesta Stage.

Speaking about the experience, Judie Nandekya- Smirnoff Brand Manager Uganda Breweries Limited said, “Smirnoff speaks to the modern and trendy consumer, and we specifically curated the Smirnoff fiesta stage to cater to their interests delivered through music”.

The annual 4-day festival took place at the Nyege Wonderland in Jinja attracting a the multitude of revelers from across the world.

Take a look.