President Museveni is back and he’s not holding back punches to Western forces for what he has termed as interference in Uganda’s internal matters.

Fresh from diplomatic talks in Abu Dhabi, Museveni took the opportunity to shower praise on Uganda’s Security Forces for their stellar job protecting the Nyege Nyege Festival that featured ‘suspected sinners,’ despite security threats and travel advisories released for UK and US citizens.

The president hailed the UPDF, Uganda Police, and intelligence services for a terrorism free Nyege Nyege Festival that ended last week on Sunday.

He however stated that ‘ADF pigs’ tried to crash the party, but Uganda’s security wall was just too high.

“This shows you the strength of the Uganda security system to be able to guard such a long pre-announced massive public function, the threats of the terrorists notwithstanding. It is true that the pigs of ADF in Congo had sent a few infiltrators to try to disrupt the function of the suspected sinners.” he posted a statement on his official twitter page

President Museveni didn’t take too kindly to foreign advisories warning their citizens about coming to Uganda for the suspected sinner’s event. He fired back, saying if anyone should be giving warnings, it should be Uganda. Accusing the Americans and Brits of sticking their noses where they don’t belong.

“I hear that the panicking Americans and British sent out what they call advisories to their citizens not to come to Uganda. These are mistake makers. If the situation was so bad, it would be us to advise people not to come to Uganda, not the British and the Americans. We know what we are doing, always. Even if a mistake occurs, we know how to handle it. These advisories by some of these actors are another form of interference in our internal affairs by these elements.” he further wrote

The President threw shade at so-called “global policemen,” blaming them for chaos in Libya and the Sahel. And also accused the UN, of supervising killers in Eastern Congo for two decades.

Museveni slammed what he called “terrorism conservation projects,” pointing fingers at the UN’s undemocratic structures, especially the Security Council.

“It is amazing how the UN can supervise and co-exist with killers of Congolese and Ugandans in Eastern Congo for the last 20 years, and they are not bothered at all. They have created free space for all sorts of empty-headed pigs to gather, train, steal resources of Congo, kill Congolese and, once in a while, kill Ugandans, as well as undermining the economic future of the people of the Great Lakes.” he emphasised