Unhappy Fik Speaks Out On David Lutalo Announcing Concert Date On The Same Day As His

Rapper Fik Fameica is not a happy man after fellow singer David Lutalo came out and announced concert dates on the same day he had chosen to stage his King Kong Live In The City Concert.

It should be remembered that Fik Fameica had earlier on chosen January 26, 2024 as the date for his long awaited concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

However just a few days back singer David Lutalo also came out and announced how he will be staging a concert at Kampala Serena Hotel on the same day.

When asked about David Lutalo’s controversial move to stage a concert on the same date as his, Fik didn’t shy away from expressing his emotions as he boldly stated that he was disappointed by the act but had nothing to do.

“I have nothing I can do about Lutalo choosing the same date as mine. I was the first to book that date. You would be nice to ask him if he didn’t know if my concert was on that date. If I was in his shoes I wouldn’t do what he did to some one else” a seemingly disappointed Fik said.

Watch the video below;