Abitex Wets His Bed With Tears As Alien Skin Announces ‘Nkwacho’ Festival

Promoter Abitex is feeling some real heat after controversial singer Patrick Mulawana popularly known as Alien Skin came out announced that he will be holding his long awaited Nkwacho Festival on the same day as his end of year event ‘Enkuuka’.

It should be remembered that initially Abitex was the main promoter that had bought the Nkwacho Festival but Alien Skin turned around and canceled it after Abitex failed to meet his financial obligations on the said event.

The cancellation of the event brought with it a number of back and forth bickering with the promoter saying the singer had now switched a button that would later lead to his downfall.

Perhaps after realizing how hard Abitex was fighting him not to succeed in the industry, Alien decided to give Abitex a test of his own medicine by organizing a mega concert on the 31st of December, the same day Abitex usually stages his Nkuuka event at Lubiri.

Alien Skin took to social media announcing that he will be finally staging the Nkwacho Festival at Nakivubo stadium

“On 31 of December this Year ,it’s a Nkwacho festival at Nakivubo Stadium Entrance 10K” Alien Skin posted