It was all celebrations and joy at Imara Kindergarten, a fast-growing preschool in Seguku when its parents, teachers, and pupils were treated to a major surprise by an appearance from musical sensation Lilian Mbabazi at their end-of-year party.

Imara Kindergarten was established in 2022 with the sole aim of revolutionizing the education system in Uganda by approaching early learning with critical thinking, a reading culture, and an introduction to ICT essentials.

“At Imara, we understand that Education is more than just a cliché construct in which kids come to school to face a blackboard, we understand that education is more than just teachers rearticulating the curriculum to the pupils. Education is nurture.” – said Edmond Safali, the school’s founder and director.
As expected, Lilian didn’t disappoint. She was classy as always and thanked the school for nurturing the young ones and looking out for their talent at an early age. “I’m overjoyed by the fact that Imara Kindergarten is intentional about nurturing and looking out for the talent in their pupils at such an early age” – remarked the award-winning singer.

A visit from Lilian Mbabazi to the school follows a series of other endorsements from major influential figures to the school including Owekitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikkiro of Buganda, AIGP(Rtd) Asan Kasingye, and Legendary Comedian Pablo Kimuli, who have been invited to the school’s reading sessions to read to the little ones.

The event climaxed with the toddlers’ performances and the graduation of the School’s Asante Class (Top Class) officiated by Lilian Mbabazi, who closed the event with a thrilling performance.