Many people out their hit huge milestones last year and they have continued share their success for all to see. Shakib Cham is one of those who believe that indeed 2023 was their year!

Shakib reveals that he has a lot to brag about, but his greatest accomplishment is walking his sweetheart and loaded classy socialite Zari Hassan, down the aisle!

The couple, who exchanged vows on October 5, 2023, in South Africa, continues to share their love on social media.

Shakib expresses that being in love with Zari has brought him immense peace and happiness. He cherishes every moment, and their wedding was a confirmation that they will spend a lifetime together.

“In 2023, I achieved a lot. I invested heavily in my business, but my greatest achievement was the wedding—the confirmation of our marriage with my wife,” he stated.

Shakib and Zari have been in a relationship for over two years now, and it seems like they will continue to be together for many more years to come.

In November last year, revealed that she would squeeze her elder sons, Pinto, Dido and George, out of her home, so she could peacefully bonk Shakib.

Zari reasoned that the sons are now big boys who shouldn’t be living under the same roof with her and boo Shakib Cham! According to her, time is ripe for them to live independently.

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