Police are on the hunt for the culprits in a shameless attack targeted at Pastor Aloysius Bujingo, leaving his bodyguard, SFC Soldier Richard Muhumuza, dead in the crossfire.

A cool 20 million shillings cash reward has been put on the table for anyone with information, willing to spill the beans on the suspects and the murder weapon. The tragic incident happened last week when motorcycle-riding assailants fired a hail of bullets in an alleged attempt to take down the pastor.

At a press briefing on Monday, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga revealed that police have also set up a hotline (074111333) dedicated solely to receiving intel related to this case.

“This number is strictly for this investigation. We are also informing the public that there is a substantial cash reward of 20 m shillings which awaits any member of the public who can avail us with information that can lead to the arrest of the suspects and recovery of the killer weapon, “he said

Enanga confirmed that investigations have taken a drastic turn and the case is now under the keen scrutiny of the Special Investigations Division of the Criminal Investigations Division at Kibuli. He explained that their mission is not only tracking down the ruthless murderers but also the firearm (pistol) used in the deadly assault.

Enanga said evidence has been amassed by the police, ranging from postmortem reports to CCTV footage, and even forensic and ballistic information. This gold mine of information is being pieced together to create a comprehensive report that will hopefully unmask the villains behind this daring attack.

Enanga also revealed a disturbing connection of the murder weapon used in the Bujingo shooting to that which killed famous vlogger Isma Olaxes back in May 2023.

“We already have information that links the weapon to the murder of the late Isma Olaxes and there are very similar patterns to the murder of the body guard and that of Olaxes” he revealed

Meanwhile, the police are not impressed with the buzz on social media concerning the Pastor’s. Enanga cautioned online rumor-mongers, calling them out for spreading wild, unsubstantiated theories. He urged the public to rely on official channels, stating that a crack team at the CID is diligently sifting through the noise to get to the truth.

“What we have noticed is that the internet, social media propagandists are all awash with all sorts of versions and statements, which are absurd and so many families including of those whose relatives were killed in a similar manner are hurt by words from bloggers, majority of whom are based in the United Arab Emirates, Boston and Turkey” he stated