MultiChoice Uganda, the home of great Pay-TV entertainment, has officially launched a reality TV show named Kampala Crème. This move aligns with their continuous commitment to offer viewers a diverse array of local programming, ensuring that it keeps them on the edge of their seats.

The absorbing show, which is set in Kampala introduces viewers to the glitzy and glamourous lives of affluent, youthful, sassy and outgoing Ugandans was premiered at a launch party hosted at the high-end Mezo Noir in Kololo.

Kampala Crème is a locally produced lifestyle reality TV show that aims to revolutionize storytelling by documenting real-life events, environment and settings, thereby ushering in a new era in Ugandan television.

The show narrates the daily lives of four Ugandan female celebrities as they navigate through various aspects of their lives. The four women featured on the show are Mami Deb, Etania Mutoni, Zahara Toto and Baby Gloria. The show carefully examines the lives of these influential ladies, shedding light on aspects beyond what is commonly known to the general public.

Rinaldi Jamugisa, Head of PR and Communications at MultiChoice Uganda, affirmed the company’s commitment to nurturing local talent and providing a stage for captivating narratives.

” Today is incredibly exciting for us as we present our second reality TV show featuring an exceptional cast that promises to elevate the standard of reality TV. This show serves as a platform for us to continue in our quest to bringing new content genres and venturing into a new realm of local content programming, intended to engage our diverse demographic of viewers,” Jamugisa said.

We take immense pride in the dedicated efforts of the show’s producer, who skillfully worked with four main and supporting cast members, successfully uniting them to pursue a common goal. A show of this nature broadens the horizons of what we, at Multichoice, can achieve to uplift the film industry in Uganda,” Jamugisa added.

Ugandans have welcomed and enthusiastically supported the local content channels introduced by MultiChoice over the last five years, Pearl Magic, Pearl Magic Prime, and Pearl Magic Loko that show on both DStv & GOtv and their respective streaming platforms DStv Stream and GOtv Stream.

Appreciating the strides that have been made to elevate the film industry in Uganda, the show’s producers, Joel and Judithiana Ndugwa, thanked MultiChoice for its continuous support to the Ugandan film industry. They emphasised, “MultiChoice Uganda, has over time given Ugandan filmmakers the opportunity to turn their ideas into sellable projects and that has provided a platform for Ideas like Kampala Creme to make it Uganda screens . That is not something that can be taken for granted ”  

In addition, they called for Ugandans to support their local shows so that they could compete favourably on the continent and beyond.

Kampala Crème is a show that is guaranteed to give all of us entertainment. We are benchmarking on very popular international reality TV, blending with local Ugandan nuances and adding fresh ideas and perspectives to the production process, we are doing our best to come up with a product that can compete favourably on the international market.”

Kampala Creme will air every Sunday at 8:00 pm with repeats every Monday at 2pm on Pearl Magic Prime (DStv Ch 148 & GOtv Ch 303) and Pearl Magic (DStv Ch 161 & GOtv Ch 301) . Don’t miss this exciting and innovative medical drama that promises to keep you on the edge and well- entertained!

Away from home? Download and catch the show on DStv Stream or GOtv Stream.

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