The Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court has committed and remanded Molly Katanga, the widow of the late Henry Kataga, to Luzira Prisons.

In the court session presided over by Erias Kakooza, the plea was read on her behalf, and she was not allowed to make any statements as it is a murder case, capital in nature.

Katanga, with her head wrapped in bandages, was brought to court in a police ambulance amidst heavy security.

The state, presented by Jonathan Muwaganya, informed the court that investigations into the matter were completed and ready for trial at the High Court.

During the proceedings, the indictment was read to Molly Katanga, and police investigations revealed that the couple had disagreements. The late Henry Kataga was reportedly planning to write his will suspecting that his wife intended to harm him.

On a fateful night, workers heard a commotion followed by a loud bang. George Amayire, a shamba boy, went to investigate, and Molly Katanga instructed him to call her daughters. The daughters arrived, hid in the parents’ bedroom, and later took their mother to Bugolobi Hospital. They instructed Amayire to clean the bloodstains and placed Henry Kataga on the bed.

Investigations further revealed that Molly used a pistol, attempted to destroy CCTV footage, and later called the police, falsely reporting that Henry Kataga had taken his own life.

In court, Molly Katanga’s lawyer, Dusman Kabega, informed the magistrate that she had been in the hospital for three months, progressively recovering. He expressed concerns about her medical needs in prison. The defense also raised issues regarding the police cordon around the accused’s home, requesting the court to lift the restriction since investigations were concluded.

The court instructed the military to release the home to the family and directed the prison authorities to ensure Molly Katanga receives proper care. The High Court is yet to set a date for the trial to commence.