Puerto Rican sensation Rafa Pabon is set to make waves in Uganda, marking his inaugural visit to the African continent for a groundbreaking collaborative project with Ugandan Afro-pop star Vinka.

The two artists, hailing from different corners of the world, are joining forces to create a fusion of sounds that transcends borders and celebrates the rich diversity of global music.

With an impressive track record in the music industry, Rafa Pabon boasts an outstanding 1.5 billion streams across all major platforms, accompanied by a staggering 800 million YouTube views. Recognized for his musical prowess, Pabon has earned a Grammy Nomination, further solidifying his status as a formidable force in the industry.

Pabon’s influence extends far beyond his Puerto Rican roots, with a dedicated fan base spanning across the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Miami, Mexico, and Colombia. His unique blend of musical styles has captivated audiences worldwide, earning him recognition from industry giants such as Billboard and Rolling Stone.

Vinka, managed by the prestigious Swangz Avenue, has consistently demonstrated her hit-making ability, exemplified by the success of “Bailando,” declared Uganda’s most played song of 2023. Last year, Vinka’s strategic collaboration on the remix of Karole Kasita’s Chekecha not only turned it into one of the year’s biggest hits but also catapulted Kasita to her debut concert, showcasing Vinka’s transformative impact in collaborative ventures.

Beyond their individual achievements, Pabon and Vinka aim to create a musical masterpiece that resonates globally. With a fan base spanning the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Miami, Mexico, and Colombia, the collaboration seeks to elevate Vinka’s musical presence to new heights, establishing a cross-cultural musical bridge that transcends borders.

This collaboration will not only serves as a testament to the global nature of music but also as a bridge connecting diverse cultures. Rafa Pabon and Vinka aim to create a sonic experience that resonates with listeners in Uganda and beyond, breaking new ground and leaving an indelible mark on the international music scene.

As the artists converge in Uganda, media outlets are invited to cover this historic collaboration that promises to showcase the harmonious fusion of Puerto Rican and Ugandan musical influences. Interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and coverage of their creative process are available upon request.