It is on record, Fik Fameica just loves big-heavy shoes! Y’all remember the Balenciaga shoe he wore in 2022 at his concert at Hotel Afrikana, which left many whispering?

Well, on Friday during his concert dubbed ‘FikFameicaLiveInTheCity’, the Lugaflo rapper yet again made a massive fashion statement as he stepped on to the stage wearing huge black ‘Malikupu’ shoes, which marched his oversized attire.

According to renowned fashionista, Abryanz, apparently the ‘Malikupu’ shoes weigh about 20KGs and the pair goes for 5M UGX, though he refuses to take credit for the attire.

Hundreds of revellers were in attendance for the power-packed performance. After an impressive lineup including Sheebah, Grenade Official, Mikie Wine, Dax Vibez and the star of the night Fik Fameica, stepped onto the stage and delivered beyond any critic’s expectations, without blowing hot and cold. His performance was flawless, performing all his hit songs as the crowd ate from his palms, singing word for word.

Known for stealing the show, Deejay Nimrod, Alfa Timez and Evelyne M!c, who were the MC’s of the night left no stone unturned!