A 55-year-old taxi driver, identified as Muhammad Mukungu Ssalongo, met his untimely demise during a romping session at Mwesigwa guest house in Kisenyi “A” village, Busia Municipality.

The incident happened on January 22, 2024, when ‘Ssalongo’ entered the guest house with a woman lover around 8 pm. They spent time together until 11 pm when he escorted her back.

On his way back, he picked another woman along the way to further service his needs for the rest of the night.

Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police spokesman says during the extended act of intimacy, Ssalongo collapsed. He says the second woman immediately alerted the guest house management, who informed the police.

Ssalongo was already long dead by the time police arrived and his lifeless body was then taken to Busia HCIV for post-mortem examination.

Enanga reveals that the cause of death, as determined by the post-mortem, was reported to be excessive orgasms leading to the rupture of blood vessels in the brain.

He notes that the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident remain under investigation.

Enanga however says the deceased could have been on prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction this could have sealed his fate as the higher risk of cardiac events as individuals age.