On Wednesday, residents of Kawuuku in Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District, were shocked to discover the lifeless body of a 22-year-old man in a rental apartment, unclothed and reportedly residing with his alleged sister.

Katongole Isa was discovered stark naked on a shared mattress in the room he occupied with his alleged sister, whose identity remains confidential.

The single-mattress room raised suspicions when the alleged sister informed a neighbor that her brother had died mysteriously during the night. Upon seeing the deceased’s unclothed body, the concerned neighbor alerted the local council (LC), suspecting foul play in Katongole’s untimely death.

Locals in the area are casting doubt on the familial relationship between Katongole Isa and his alleged sister.

Some claim that she might have misled the community about their relationship as there are allegations that the sister was romantically involved with two men at the same time. Katongole and another man who financially supported her, covering rent and other expenses.

Speculation among the locals suggests that the outside boyfriend may have discovered the intimate relationship between the alleged sister and Katongole, leading to a confrontation hence the tragedy. The community suspects foul play in Katongole’s death.

As investigations commence, the deceased’s body was transported to City Mortuary Mulago.

Police have launched investigations into circumstances surrounding Katongole’s mysterious demise and will determine if any criminal activity was involved in this tragic incident.