Cox Kibedi, a 48-year-old man residing on Kyanja Ring Road, has been remanded to Luzira until February 2, 2024, following three counts of cyber harassment.

Kibede allegedly posted an obscene video link on Facebook directed towards one Agaba Rebecca, leading to his appearance before Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Samuel Kayiizi.

In court, Kibedi denied the charges, arguing that Facebook is not based in Uganda and, therefore, he is wrongly accused. The magistrate, however, ordered his remand pending further investigations.

This incident is not the first involving Kibede, as records indicate a pattern of inappropriate behavior towards women since 2021. Accusations suggest that he has been harassing and abusing girls who reject his proposals, often resorting to derogatory language, including labeling them as prostitutes and criticizing women who bleach their skin.

Two victims, Nakito Lucy and Rebecca Agaba, sought legal recourse, with Agaba’s mother representing her in court. Kibede allegedly extended his insults to Agaba’s mother, targeting her appearance by referring to her as a woman who bleaches, mirroring the belittling language he used against Agaba.

The charges against Kibede include insulting the modesty of a woman and cyber harassment. Court sent him to Luzira until Friday this week when he will apply for bail.