It was a drama in Kasubi, Kikoni Makerere, after a woman narrowly escaped a thorough beating from an enraged mob over a stolen a phone from a local boutique.

The unlucky woman who had physically met her new Facebook boyfriend for a shopping spree soon became a suspected thief facing mob justice threats from bitter locals who gathered around her, armed with sticks, clubs and stones.

According to our reporter, it all begun when the couple entered a small boutique owned by another woman, where browsed through various attires. However, their shopping spree took a dark turn when the Facebook boyfriend, in a sudden turn of events, pretended to be engrossed in a phone call and abruptly disappeared from the scene.

Shortly afterward, the boutique owner realized that her phone, valued at 300,000 Ugandan Shillings, had gone missing. Fearing the worst, she raised an alarm, drawing the attention of an irate mob that quickly gathered and threatened to take matters into their own hands. In a bid to avoid violence, the boutique owner opted to close her shop.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the boutique owner promptly contacted the local council (LC), who, in turn, alerted the police to intervene.

As tension escalated, the woman found herself facing an angry crowd and was subsequently rushed to the nearest police post on a motorbike, enduring slaps from the surrounding crowd along the way.

Police are now conducting investigations into the alleged theft and hunting for the slippery boyfriend who is missing in action.