Eddy Kenzo reveals he has more kids than the ones the public knows.

Being a star that he is, his two daughters, Maya and Aamal Musuuza, have also lived in the public eye. Well, the pressure that comes with it might have taught Kenzo a thing or two. He definitely decided to keep his new family under the wrap because of the challenges and past experiences he has faced.

Indeed, while speaking to the media over the weekend, Kenzo admitted that he had learned a lesson and now he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes again.

“Facing challenges is not the hardest thing, but what you learn from them makes you who you are. I learned a lot from the challenges I faced, that’s why I decided not to share my family matters with the public,” said Eddy Kenzo.

He further noted and emphasised that said he is not emotionally involved with Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo but is in a relationship with someone else. In a twist of events, Kenzo revealed that he had other children.

“I am not single, and Maya and Aamal are not my only children. Also, I have a boy, but I chose to keep him away from the public.”