A newborn baby girl was discovered abandoned in a sugar cane plantation in Mbale City, sparking outrage and disbelief across the community.

Found by a Good Samaritan, Namono Sarah, who was returning from church, the infant’s cries led to her discovery hidden in a deep manhole, covered in maggots and debris.

With swift action, Namono and concerned citizens bathed the baby in warm water before rushing her to Half London Police Post, where authorities were appalled by the heartless act.

The baby, now dubbed the “Miracle Baby,” was immediately taken to Namatala Health Center IV for urgent medical care. Thankfully, she is now receiving treatment at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital, fighting for survival.

Grace Akareut, Officer in Charge of Half London Police Post, has vowed to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice, ensuring they face the full force of the law for their inhumane actions.