The High Court in Kampala has granted cash bail to the daughters of the late Henry Katanga, along with two other co-accused, in connection to the murder of their father on November 02, 2023.

Martha Nkwanzi and Patricia Kankwanzi, daughters of the deceased, secured bail alongside their co-accused, George Amanyire (known as the Shamba boy), and Charles Otai.

Judge Isaac Muwata allowed each accused to post a cash bail of 2 million shillings, alongside bonded sureties worth 20 million non-cash each. Notable figures stood as sureties for the accused. From solar energy entrepreneurs to real estate magnates, the list of backers was nothing short of intriguing.

Kankwanzi, citing health challenges like hypertension and obesity, sought bail. Nkwanzi, on the other hand, pleaded her case as a new mother needing to attend to her breastfeeding baby.

Kankwanzi, the first applicant, presented her husband Wilson Mwine Mukulu, who deals in solar energy, her mother-in-law Zakye Merian Kyamanyanga, the owner of Shell fuel station opposite the High court, and her father-in-law Herbert Kamugisha, who deals in real estate and farming, as her sureties. 

Similarly, Nkwazi, the second applicant, presented her husband Christian Kivuna, a distributor with Nile Breweries, Willis Bashasha, a family friend working with the Office of the President as director in charge of manifesto, and her niece Harriet Hada Mucunguzi, the property manager at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), as her sureties.

John Karuhanga, representing the accused, expressed relief at the bail ruling after a staggering 15 adjournments. However, he didn’t mince words when accusing the State of tampering with witness statements.

Karuhanga lambasted Chief State Attorney Muwaganya Jonathan for purportedly influencing witness testimony. Allegations surfaced of undue pressure to incriminate co-accused, raising eyebrows in legal circles.

“This application is the most adjourned bail application in the history of Uganda. It has been adjourned 15 times. We are happy with the judge that the accused have finally gotten bail” he said

Karuhanga however accused the State of coercing one of the co accused, Amanyire, the Shamba boy to alternate his statements against his colleagues.

Karuhanga alleged outside court that the Chief State Attorney Muwaganya Jonathan influenced the change of Amanyire’s prison from Luzira where he was previously remanded to Kigo and visited him three times after that to change his statement.

“We are dismayed by the practice of the DPP. You cant change after charging someone and committing them to high court for trial, then shift him from Luzira to Kigo and later coerce him into changing statements to turn against his co-accused” he stated

The State had previously countered with stringent bail conditions, emphasizing the seriousness of the case. Among their demands were hefty bail sums, land titles, and weekly reporting until trial.