Joshua Baraka is out here opening the lid about his entanglement with party gal, Etania Mutoni. Baraka claims that his dad knows and actually blessed him to bonk Etania.

The singer further notes that he and Etania started sharing the same bed about a year ago, and that he is executing the midnight duties quite remarkably!

During his recent interview with a local TV , the Oh Nana crooner did not hesitate confirming that he is harvesting Etania’s beans.

“It’s true I’m dating Mutoni and we have been close for a year. My Father knows about it because he’s my person, he said before adding;

“For my mother, I don’t think she knows because I haven’t told her. Probably she also sees the news in tabloids. It’s not my first relationship but the first I have invested effort in. Time and God will tell where we end up because no matter what the critics say, it’s not their verdict that rules.”

Joshua Baraka also is also confident that his steamy romance will not end in tears as many of his haters claim. He says that people’s opinions don’t dictate how things turn out to be.

“Only time and God will tell what happens to this relationship. Those who are predicting premium tears soon should cut us some slack,” he said.

But just as the saying goes “love knows no boundaries and doesn’t ask why’, it’s the same for the two. 

During episode 6 of the trending Kampala Creme reality TV series, Etania revealed that Baraka is her boyfriend.

Towards the end of the episode, visuals showing Joshua Baraka hugging Etania after a show in Kampala and them sharing a romantic moment let the cat out of the bag.

Etania then drops the ‘L’ word, expressing how deeply she loves Joshua Baraka and how she has graduated from the “men are trash” league.

“I’m a lover girl for real, for real. Kale I’m ashamed, CEO “Men are trash”…I’m not repeating that,” Etania says at the end of the show while blushing.