Prophet Elvis Mbonye has kicked off the year with a couple of jaw-dropping fulfilled prophecies. First was Justice Julia Sebutide’s stand against all cases brought by South Africa against Israel, a position that put Uganda in the gaze of international media.

But the Man of God’s latest foretold event is captured in a video posted recently on his YouTube channel, which has captured the attention of the nation and followership from around the world.

On 2nd January 2024, Prophet Elvis Mbonye prophesied pro-West insurrection within Russia, but from the West.

Central in the prophecy was the propping up of a lady in Russia, and this turned out to be Navalny’s widow.

1 month, 15 days later, the death of Russia’s main opposition leader Navalny resulted in pro-west demonstrations in Russia.

Navalny’s death prompted grief and shock among his supporters across the world and drew condemnation from world leaders.

Watch the video here.