Zari Hassan has finally opened up on her rocky relationship with boo, Shakib Cham… it ain’t all rosy and we report this, the pair might be heading for divorce.

Zari and Shakib legalized their bonk sessions last year but with the classy socialite still seeing baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, in the name of co-parenting, her man has been left smelling a rat and jealousy.

According to the tried, tested and approved mother-of-five, Shakib has trust issues which has triggered him to retaliate!

She says Shakib is the brain behind the leaked videos in which he and side snack, DJ Alisha, smooch and swap saliva. Zari says he did that to hurt her feelings in revenge.

Speaking out in a phone interview with Millard Ayo TV, Zari Hassan explains that the video of her and Diamond Platnumz, which has sparked all the drama, was shot to promote the TZ star’s new song, ‘Mapoz’. In the video Zari and her baby daddy romantically hold hands as they stroll from the hotel room.

She discloses that Zuchu, Diamond’s current girlfriend, and other people were present during the shooting of the video.

“Now that day we were shooting at the YFA in Johannesburg, Diamond said to me ‘Mama T, my video is not going well, let’s make a video, help me make a promo post for that song and I said cool. Just then Zuchu stood up again. Zuchu was completely standing with the kids, holding Nillan and Latifah. My sister Zahara was there, my brother came with a money changer. Diamond had money and wanted to change. The whole family was there,” Zari said.

She however regrets that she did not inform sweetheart Shakib that she was shooting the video with Diamond. Zari says that Shakib totally lost his cool on seeing the video of her and Diamond trending on social media.

“That happened Sunday last week. Thursday Baba T posted the video. The video is out and I see things have started. Shakib was at home and that day because we had finished shooting he was going back to Uganda. And he hasn’t come back because of the video, Thursday he was supposed to go back to Uganda. I got home and he said to me ‘but my wife, why don’t I understand these things?’ I told my husband, you see, I really didn’t tell you that we shot that video, that’s what I think is my problem. I didn’t tell him and that’s totally my fault because I would have put him in consideration to know he is my husband and I meant to him ‘look I did a video by Baba T but it is strictly for the promotion of the song’. “Now he who is really shocked has seen that video on Instagram and it happened ‘why did you tell me because when such things happen I look disrespected. It seems like you and your father and your children disrespect me and things like that’. Right then I told him ‘you honestly forgive me’ , I would definitely come back to tell you’. He was holding feelings, he was so upset about it and all of that,” Zari said.