Y’all know that Bebe Cool drops a controversial statement whenever he wishes and he will grab headlines effortlessly. Literally, no one beats him at that.

Well, yet again, Bebe is out here picking on his renowned rival, Bobi Wine, and of course his on and off pal, Jose Chameleone, pointing out their weaknesses as he glorifies himself.

According to Bebe, Bobi Wine’s strength only lies in his ability to create captivating introductions in his songs but very poor at verses and the rest.

On the other hand, Bebe acknowledges that Chameleone may not excel in creating captivating intros, but he shines in his verses. Chameleone’s ability to deliver powerful and meaningful lyrics in his verses made him a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

In contrast, Bebe Cool prided himself on being fair in all aspects of songwriting, including intros, verses, and choruses.

Looking back on their musical journey together, Bebe Cool acknowledged that some of Bobi Wine’s intros started to make sense over time, while others remained cryptic.

“What brought Bobi wine closer to me and Jose chameleone was intros. He was always good at intros but when it comes to verses, he was petty. If you go back and listen to our music, it’s clear Chameleone can’t do intros, he’s strong on verses, then me, I’m fair on everything,” Bebe pointed out.

This highlighted the unique and sometimes enigmatic nature of Bobi Wine’s songwriting. Despite this, Bebe Cool emphasized that music is ultimately about rhythm and melody.

Regardless of the lyrical content, if a song has a catchy rhythm and melody, it has the potential to resonate with listeners and become a hit.