In a world teeming with exceptional talents and innovative minds, Oscar Kampala has carved a niche for himself, earning an esteemed position among the Africa 100 Most Impactful People in 2023.
Being the youngest entrepreneur to be proudly honored and commemorated, this prestigious acknowledgment is a testament to his outstanding impact, exceptional talent, and unerasable mark on the continent and beyond.

“In the 4th edition of #Africa100 by Ranks Africa, we proudly honor and celebrate Oscar Kampala, whose impactful contributions have left an indelible mark on Africa and beyond,” Ranks Africa quoted.
Oscar Kampala’s journey to such high rankings is due to a series of undisputed achievements, displaying his creativity, dedication, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world.
One of Oscar’s notable accomplishments is his groundbreaking initiative in the fashion industry. The “1000 Men in Oscar Kampala” movement that brought together over 5000 men dressed in impeccable suits, creating a visually stunning spectacle that captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, will forever amaze Uganda.

This event not only highlighted Oscar’s keen eye for fashion but also demonstrated his ability to rally and execute large-scale, impactful projects for the youth.

His impact extends beyond the borders of his native Uganda, as Oscar Kampala has gained international acclaim for his contributions to the fashion world.

For two years in a row, Oscar clinched two continental awards – Best Young Entrepreneur and Best Fashion Brand in Africa at ZIkimo Awards in Lusaka, Zambia.
These accolades not only recognize his talent but also underscore the significant influence he wields in shaping the African fashion landscape.

Oscar’s prowess as a fashion designer has transcended regional boundaries, earning him the opportunity to dress up international figures like Fireboy DML, Nasty C, Dj Neptune, Jidenna Oxlade, Kizz Daniel, Moses Bliss and many more.

Oscar’s inclusion among the Africa 100 Most Impactful People in 2023 is not just a personal triumph but also a celebration of African creativity, resilience, and the ability to make a lasting impression on the global stage.