Centenary Bank, Uganda’s leading commercial microfinance bank, has today demonstrated its solidarity with the Ugandan Muslim community in commemorating the holy month of Ramadhan by donating food, cement and other items at a ceremony held at Kibuli Mosque in Kampala.   

This donation is part of Centenary Bank’s philanthropic activities where each year we commit 2% of the previous year’s profit to environmental and social causes aimed at uplifting societies in the areas of health, education, environment, financial literacy, and social wellbeing. Speaking at the event, Mr. Michael Jjingo, General Manager Commercial Banking, Centenary Bank, said that the donation exhibits the bank’s belief in the power of partnerships and the impact that collaboration can have on the lives of individuals and the broader community.

 “Today, we are honored to contribute over 200 bags of cement, a tangible gesture that symbolizes our support for the construction of the official residence of the Supreme Mufti. This is a significant project, one that not only represents the physical manifestation of faith and leadership but also serves as a symbol of unity within our diverse community,” Michael said.

“The Supreme Mufti plays a crucial role in guiding and inspiring our Muslim brothers and sisters, providing spiritual leadership and fostering a sense of harmony and understanding. We understand the importance of religious leaders in promoting peace and coexistence, and we are proud to be a part of this endeavour,” he added.

Sheikh Mohammad Shaban Galabuzi, the Super Supreme Mufti of Uganda, thanked the bank for demonstrating the spirit of good neighbors through their efforts to integrate themselves into the communities where they operate.

 “I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the bank, first and foremost, for consistently showing solidarity with us during the holy month of Ramadan. It is not every day that organizations go out of their way to become an integral part of the communities in which they operate. While most do so as a one-off gesture, Centenary Bank continues to demonstrate this commitment because they embody the spirit of good neighborhood – one where they hold their neighbor’s hands through both good times and bad,” Galabuzi emphasized.

Centenary Bank will be reaching out to other communities across the country during this Ramadhan.

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