Gerald Mayanja, dad to music legend, Jose Chameleone, Weasel Manizo and Pallaso is preparing his final send off… the mega plan is already in place!

Gerald, who is believed to be in his early 70s revealed that he is soon digging his own grave where he will be laid to rest.

Speaking to Galaxy TV’s Rewind, an entertainment show which airs from Mon-Thurs at 10pm, Mayanja explained that he doesn’t want to stress people when he finally meets the creator.

He boldly says that he doesn’t fear death because he has achieved almost everything he dreamt about in his early years.

“I will dig my own grave and fully work on it. I got the idea from my old friend who later passed away. He dug his own grave and even called me for an inspection. I am very grateful for my accomplishments, and I am not afraid of dying,” he partly said.

Mayanja also confirmed his elder son Humphrey Mayanja is in Mulago Cancer Institute battling the deadly disease.

Gerald Mayanja is not the first person from the Mayanja family to talk of ‘death’. Similarly, about one year ago, Chameleone also described exactly how he wishes his vigil to proceed. The hoarse-voiced singer said that people should teach themselves the character of appreciating their celebrities when they are still alive. On such grounds, he said his vigil is worth selling before he dies.

It is so sad that you (Ugandans) recognized late Mowzey Radio after his death and you should respect me who recognized him when he was nobody. I was his first fan and showed him to the world.

There are people who are waiting for my death to play my music for the whole day as if they can’t do it now when I am still alive,” said Chameleone.

“Recently I told my manager Mutima that I can sell my funeral vigil because many people will attend it. Whoever wants it, should pay me and I enjoy that money before I die,” he said.