Music legend Jose Chameleone is back to the University to fetch more academic papers, months after graduating from Cavendish University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Last year in August, Chameleone, who had been ‘eating’ books online managed escape retakes and attain a degree, making him one of the very few big artists in Uganda to wear that academic crown but of course, his graduation sparked controversial debates among fans and followers who wondered how he managed to juggle music and books.

He also received congratulatory messages from friends and colleagues in the music industry.

Concrete info reaching us intimate that in a bid to strategize his position, Chameleone has enrolled for a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and will continue his studies at the same higher institution.

By demonstrating the importance of continuous learning and personal development, Chameleone has encouraged others to consider pursuing higher education and enhancing their skills beyond their primary professions.

While Chameleone’s commitment to his musical career remains unwavering, his dedication to education underscores his belief in the value of knowledge and its role in personal growth and societal advancement.