Ssabakonkonyi, Shuga Arafat, a budding presenter of Ki Ekirowo, a program which broadcasts daily on Galaxy TV has always had a passion for movies and now, he is out here making his dream come true.

Shuga Arafat, an upcoming movie director with a zeal to to change the game and make it to very top, has a short film titled ‘Black Nights’, readily for you, through Shugaland pictures and HG FILMZ

Black Nights tells a story of a daring masseuse, Joy Kasujja, who immaculately offers her services both in house and mobile, you may call it home and away! Kasujja gets a call from an unknown client, who plays smart and requests to have a mobile massage service at his crib. 

Willing to make that quick money for survival, the gorgeous masseuse in her early 20s, swiftly acts accordingly. On reaching the client’s residence, Kasujja gets her tools ready to execute the job. 

However, to her surprise, the client informs her that she is to massage a dead body! The drama ensues as she turns down the job as the client digs his heels in the ground. She tries to resist but all in vain. Amidst the fracas, the sexually possessed client, with intentions to rape the masseuse written allover his face, draws a night towards her, threatening to slit her throat!

The film also features Bunny Rose.

Check out Black Nights (First Chapter);