Eddy Kenzo is out here denying ever playing ‘tepo’ (read, hide and seek) with sweet pal, Phionah Nyamutoro.

Kenzo swears in Jesus’ name never to have played the famous game with the highly respected Female Youth Member of Parliament shortly after her appointment in the cabinet when he took to social media to congratulate her.

In the latest interview, the most decorated Ugandan musician refutes the rumor, fussing that they share a good friendship and that he is genuinely excited about her appointment as Minister of State for Energy in charge of Minerals by Sevo like any friend would be.

“She is a very close friend,” Kenzo said.

Days after her appointment, Phiona slid in the ride and escorted Kenzo to visit his daughter, Maya Musuuza at school on visitation day, a move that left Netizens adding dots. With all the signs there for even the blind to see, a photo also surfaced on social media showing them wearing the same jacket on different occasions.

Kenzo dismisses this as a mere coincidence, stating that clothing companies often produce similar items, and anyone can wear something that resembles another person’s attire.

“Are you [reporter] the only one with such earphones,” the 2023 Grammy Award nominee popped the question.

The rumours that the two were dating first spread online last year by one Rodrigo Matyansi, who claimed that the two were dating secretly and that she had even gifted him a new car.

Nyamutoro responded nonchalantly to the post, neither denying nor accepting the claims.