Eddy Kenzo has finally admitted that he indeed received billions of cash from the fountain of honor, Sevo’s deep pockets through the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

In the latest interview, the UNMF gaffer stressed that the huge sack of money was dumped in musicians’ Sacco and will be scattered among different artists.

“We received a grant from the government to support our SACCO. It was half of what we had requested. However, I cannot disclose the exact amount we received as it is confidential information for our organization,” he stated during the interview.

Kenzo emphasized that he cannot disclose the exact amount received from the government because it is confidential information for the organization’s development.

He mentioned that the money is part of the 13 billion Ugandan shillings they requested from the government as a stimulus package for musicians.

Earlier sources had indicated that the government disbursed over 8 billion Ugandan shillings to musicians.

Kenzo’s sweet pal, Phiona Nyamutoro introduces him to Sevo...

Kenzo is now fully known to Sevo as Phiona Nyamutoro is pal. On Wednesday evening as was sworn in as Minister of State for Energy in charge of Minerals by Sevo, Kenzo was there ‘ku kiddo’ and even managed to grab some photo-op.

Days after her appointment, Phiona slid in the ride and escorted Kenzo to visit his daughter, Maya Musuuza at school on visitation day, a move that left Netizens adding dots. 

The rumours that the two were dating first spread online last year by one Rodrigo Matyansi, who claimed that the two were dating secretly and that she had even gifted him a new car.