As Daniella Atim continues to pour her heart out in a series of teary posts about her marriage experience, Jose Chameleone seems to be unmoved.

In the latest interview, Chamili says he is focusing on making money to take care of himself and the kids. The father-of-seven notes that he fulfills his obligations as a dad but admits that he is not an angel… He has his shortfalls too! Chameleone also revealed he feels hurt by her comments.

“I hear and see the comments, but I am not an Angel; I make mistakes. I feel hurt, but I keep looking for money for my children and myself. I can do what I am meant to do and leave the rest to God,” he said.

Over the weekend, Daniella, in what she termed, ‘breaking my silence’, revealed how she went through domestic violence for sixteen years, at the hands of boo, Chameleone.

“My name is Daniella, and I live in a suburb of Minnesota with my five children. My faith in Jesus has been a source of strength, guiding me through difficult times. I am a social person who enjoys being around others. It took me a long time to become social again after enduring domestic violence for 16 years. I am also a food enthusiast who loves coffee and hot tea. Five years ago, I moved to the US seeking asylum from various challenges, including domestic violence. I am now a single mom raising my children independently. Despite the seriousness of the years passing by, I choose to embrace life anew while focusing on healing myself. I am a beautiful work in progress, and I advocate saying no to domestic violence,” Daniella wrote in her Instagram post.

The mother-of-five still has a lot to tell the world because she has even opened up a YouTube channel and Facebook page, specifically for that! Today, Friday morning, she has dropped yet another post about how she gave birth prematurely, and lost the baby after a few hours. She says, her mother-in-law spat venom and the baby’s body had to be buried in Mutungo.

Checkout the screenshot;