Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kampala, Uganda – March 30, 2024 – In a landmark event showcasing the power of collaboration between the entertainment industry and philanthropic organizations, Swangz Avenue and Rotary International joined forces to raise an astounding 400 million Ugandan shillings towards the construction of a school block.

The event, “Gather for Impact,” held at the prestigious Cricket Oval Lugogo, brought together Rotarians and music enthusiasts alike for a night of purposeful entertainment and charitable giving.

Under the banner of “A Rotary Foundation Celebration,” attendees were treated to a vibrant display of Uganda’s cultural richness through top-notch performances by Afrigo band, Maddox, Double Black, Elijah Kitaka, and Azawi.

These iconic performances added to the atmosphere of unity and celebration, reinforcing the message of solidarity in supporting education and literacy initiatives across Uganda.

Beyond the entertainment, the event served as a platform to raise awareness about Rotary’s various fundraising initiatives aimed at promoting literacy and education in Uganda. With objectives ranging from raising awareness about Rotary’s impactful projects to fostering networking opportunities and growing membership, the event exceeded expectations by not only meeting but surpassing its fundraising goal.

Over 400 million Ugandan shillings were generously contributed by attendees and sponsors, with Swangz Avenue leading the charge by pledging 200 million UGX towards the cause through providing production for the event

Among the beneficiaries of this charitable endeavor are the students of Kitala Secondary School, located along Entebbe Road, who stand to benefit greatly from the construction of a much-needed school block. The funds raised will go directly towards improving literacy and educational infrastructure, furthering Rotary’s mission of making a lasting impact in communities across Uganda.

Speaking on behalf of Swangz Avenue, Julius Kyazze, Head of Business Development, expressed their pride in being part of such a significant initiative, stating, “We believe in using our platform not only to entertain but also to uplift and empower communities. Collaborating with Rotary International to support education aligns perfectly with our values, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to make a difference. we are happy to do this every year and we are excited about what we can do together next year. “

Rotary Uganda echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in driving positive change. “Events like ‘Gather for Impact’ exemplify the spirit of Rotary – bringing people together for a common cause. We are grateful for the support of organizations like Swangz Avenue and all those who contributed to making this event a success,” remarked Farouk Busuulwa of Rotary Uganda.

As the headlines announce Swangz Avenue and Rotary’s monumental contribution towards education in Uganda, it serves as a reminder of what can be achieved when individuals and organizations unite for a greater purpose. The legacy of Gather for Impact will not only be measured in bricks and mortar but in the lives transformed through the gift of education.