Vinka has trashed rumours of going under the knife to upgrade her derrière. The budding female artist of the year reveals that she has never undergone plastic surgery, as many social media in-laws and experts claim.

The gorgeous Swangz Avenue star attributes her miraculous body transformation to pregnancy and giving birth. According to Vinka, attained the appetizing behind and curves as soon as she swallowed a live seed!

“It changed naturally after getting pregnant and giving birth. I didn’t go for plastic surgery because I don’t have that money yet; I am still struggling as well,” she partly said during an interview with a local YouTuber.

It should be noted that Vinka started her music career as a young girl, but when her body changed, people alleged she went for plastic surgery, something she denies.

Musically speaking, Vinka says she only wishes to hit the studio with Big Size Bebe Cool.

During the season finale of Tusker Malt Conversessions which climaxed with an exclusive Watch Party for the final act, Vinka, held at La Foret in Muyenga, she was asked to reveal that one artiste, dead or alive, she would love to work with.

Without any hesitation, she said Bebe Cool and when asked why, the ‘Bailando’ artiste gave her reasons.

“Bebe Cool is a timeless artist, he fits in all generations and I grew up listening and looking up to him,” Vinka revealed.

Vinka has so far worked with artists such as John Blaq, Dax Vybz, Fik Fameica, Elijah Kitaka, Irene Ntale, Winnie Nwaji, Kent and Flosso, and the Mith and Feffe Bussi.