Any appreciation or positive remark from music legend, Jose Chameleone, towards any musician’s craft is somewhat a huge endorsement… and yes, we understand the fact that Vinka cannot just keep calm!

Vinka reveals that recently Chameleone lavished praise on her unique voice and body of work, something that left at loss for words.

The Swangz Avenue top prize star says that someone as talented as Chamili would even appreciate her music.

“Whenever I meet Dr. Chameleone, he always tells me how he loves the tone of my voice. At the Comedy Store, I was starstruck to see him dancing and enjoying my performance,” she said.

In an interview with a local TV channel, Vinka opened up that while kick-starting her music career, a lot of people underrated her, likening her deep voice to that of men with others claiming that she wasn’t that talented to make it to the very top.

According to Vinka, who is now the reigning Female Artist of the Year, it took Ugandans so much time to finally accept her for who she is.

The mother-of-one now boasts a number of hit songs for many years straight. She is one of the best stage performers in the She is one of the best stage performers in the country. However, she hasn’t had a concert of her own before.