Budding singing trio Warafiki have finally dropped the classy visuals for their second single titled ‘Tetubafanana’.

‘Tetubafanana’ is one of those timeless feel good love songs, and yes indeed, the video is just an icing on the cake. The colouring, camera angles and the choice of costumes for the stars was well thought of, thanks to famed video director Edrine Paul and Campala and Norah the costumes!

Shot in two locations- indoor and outdoor, the visual leaves the viewer anticipating for the next move without getting bored.

‘Tetubafanana’ audio, produced by Meshpan, Joel Keys and Steve Jean at Fenon and written by Dokta Brain, one of Uganda’s best songwriters, was released last month.

With a track record of hits, we sought out Dokta Brian to know what he thinks of the song. The writer said the girls Tori (Victoria Nalugwa), Eyla (Damalie Nalugwa) and Treezy (Patricia Debra Nakalembe) did justice to the song.

Watch the visuals below;

“Working with the songbirds was such a great experience because they’re undoubtedly talented. They did justice to the song and I am so proud of them,” Dokta Brain said.

Asked how much he was paid for the song, the writer behind other songs like ‘Musawo’ by Winnie Nwagi, ‘Kisasi Kimu’ by Sheebah and ‘Yo Sweet’ by Rema said that to him, execution of his piece weighs heavier than the money he gets.

He also appreciated Fenon management for trusting him with this project and wished the girls a great music journey.

‘Tetubafanana’ is a love song that speaks about the strength of love.

“Let’s stick together and not be like them. Let our dreams come to reality and not be like them,” goes the chorus.

Warafiki started their music career a few months ago with ‘Bwekati’, a catchy Afro Pop tune that has so far earned them over 26,000 views on YouTube.

‘Bwekati’ that is both in Luganda and Swahili was produced by Steve Jean, Legend P and Joel Keys.