You could be there having sleepless nights after getting dumped by your lover but sweetheart take heart, you are not alone! You are going through the same with singer Azawi.

The Swangz Avenue star is nursing a broken heart after her charming prince got fed up of eating her beans on credit and ended their relationship.

In a candid conversation with Juliana Kanyomozi, Azawi revealed that she fell head over heels for one of Adam’s grandsons with hopes of taking it to the next level but her dream flopped. In rather an emotional low tone, she revealed the guy, who she had bonked with for six months changed his colour and started playing hide and seek.

Following the split, Azawi is yet to give up on love. The 30-year-old entertainer declared that she is now single and ready to give it another try.

Talking about the qualities she seeks in an ideal man, the “Masavu” singer emphasized the importance of friendship, and humor.

She noted that her ideal partner should be tall, dark, handsome, not overly cute, and financially stable, as she is not willing to support a man.

Additionally, she expressed her desire to be with someone who possesses good character and emotional intelligence, avoiding situations that could cause stress in their relationship.

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