The massive rains that hit Dubai last week may have caught the entire world off guard, but to Prophet Elvis Mbonye and his followers, this was not new news. The Prophet renowned for his jaw dropping prophecies had once again forewarned that Dubai was about to be “embarrassingly exposed”. 

In the prophecy update published on his youtube channel, given on 06th December, 2022, Prophet Mbonye states that; “The time has come when the places that men looked up to as their expectation, their glory are going to be exposed. It is going to be exposed. It is going to be so embarrassingly exposed, so much so that they will have to turn to the LORD our God.”

He adds that; “Then (ancient days) they looked to Ethiopia and Egypt. Now they look to the US, they look to Dubai. Do you see Dubai there? Wait and see the news that is going to come from there. And you see, it is going to appear like; ‘You mean all this has been fake!!!’”

Indeed, what befell Dubai left the city, hitherto perceived as the benchmark for modernity, naked. The tourist and business hub, gasped for breath under the mighty rains, the worst of its kind since 1949. 

But beyond the floods, Prophet Mbonye notes that this is a signto realize that in our midst the LORD our God has positioned Himself just for us to rise up and rely on what is more real than the thing that the scripture calls the “glory of Egypt” – Isaiah 20:5.

The Prophecy: