X, formally known as Twitter, is the battleground for the feud that has seen both Nigerian acts, Davido and Wizkid, trending across other social media platforms.

What is also called ‘beef’ among music lovers is not new to Davido and Wizkid as they have been arch-rivals for years throughout their respective illustrious careers.

Their long-standing feud reignited with a diss video uploaded by Wizkid, seemingly aimed at Davido. The Ojuelegba hitmaker shared a leaked video of Davido in a vulnerable moment, on his knees, apparently pleading with a female associate.

Wizkid, aged 33, posted the video, suggesting to his fans that their pleas for new music should be as emotional as the individual in the leaked footage (implying it was Davido).

He stated that mere fan requests wouldn’t sway him to release new music, but witnessing passionate pleas akin to Davido’s could influence him.

This post triggered a social media storm and stirred up intense reactions from the 30 Billion gang and Wizkid FC fan bases.

In response, Davido felt offended and retaliated against Wizkid on Monday night with multiple tweets boldly directed at him.

That’s what I thought. Nothing to say! Exactly why I stopped wasting my clout and jeopardizing my millions of usd of endorsements on someone whose career was resurrected a few years ago just to die again. NEXT!!” Davido tweeted.

In another tweet that has now been deleted, he labelled Wizkid as an abuser. “Let’s pray for domestic violence victims…. a minute of silence” and he later added “woman beater“.

Further going ballistic on Wizkid, he called a “Size 7 shoe” adding that “n*gga shop at Footlocker kids.”

Wizkid and Davido stand as two of Nigeria’s foremost artists, boasting remarkable commercial success, distinct brand identities, widespread influence, and massive fan followings.