Talent Africa Group proudly announces the much-anticipated return of Jameson And Friends, set to take place on Saturday, May 25th, at the Garden City Rooftop. This edition promises an unrivaled experience, with a conducive atmosphere for guests to bond and connect.

As part of the Jameson Bond & Connect event series, Jameson and Friends is a monthly fest organized by Talent Africa Group featuring an assortment of interactive games, trend-setting pop-up shops, captivating musical performances, and mouth-watering barbecue delicacies, free haircuts, complimentary Jameson cocktails, discounted tattoos paired with the finest Irish whiskey – Jameson.

With a targeted audience comprising youth aged 22 to 34, characterized as easygoing, social connectors, and free-spirited individuals who live in the moment and radiate positivity, the Jameson Bond & Connect events have branded themselves in Kampala’s social calendar over the past three years.
The previous edition of Jameson And Friends edition held last month featured spectacular performances from Maya Amolo, Tyla, Djs Tony, KasBaby others who left the audience excited and yearning for more.

To ensure a fun and intimate bond and connect experience for all guests, gates open at 2:00pm. Limited tickets to Jameson And Friends are available for purchase at www.tagticketing.com and or 16598# for only UGX 25,000/=
Jameson And Friends is organized by Talent Africa Group and Pernod Ricard in partnership with Safeboda.